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Accessible Friendly Apartments

The Owners/Managers and staff are very friendly and will assist with baggage when required. Assistance dogs are welcome and may stay with the owner in the room, however they must be fully registered as Assistance Dogs. No other pets are allowed.

Accommodation Features

The accessible guest apartment is on level access with no steps or sills. The doors are easy opening and the door handles are L style levers with a clear opening widths of 760mm. Light switches and outlets are mounted 1090mm from the floor. Room furniture can be moved to suit guest’s requirements. There is a small kitchenette provided for guest’s convenience.

The accessible bedroom has a queen sized bed with the widest point being 850mm; the bed can be moved sideways to allow greater room. Under bed clearance is approx. 130mm; height to the top of mattress is approx. 540mm . The dinning table has a top height of approx. 725mm and an under side clear height of approx. 711. The cloths hanging rail is 1800m from the floor.

Sanitary Facilities

Entry to the accessible shower and toilet is through a wide door with a clear width of 780mm. There is a 30mm lip leading into the bathroom which may cause an issue for some guests.

The facility is a combined toilet and shower with the dimensions of approx. 3275 long by 1990mm wide. The shower is hob less with a dimension of approx. 1180mm wide by 1284mm long. The shower is fitted with a horizontal grab rail mounted 810mm from the floor, a fold down seat is provided with dimensions of 433mm long by 400mm wide and 477mm above the floor. The shower has a flick mix tap and an adjustable shower rose. A shower commode can be hired from a mobility/ accessibility hire business – see Access Douglas Directory.

Grab rails are fitted to the toilet and are mounted 820mm from the floor to top of grab rail. The toilet seat is 470mm from floor to top of seat and 530mm from the wall to the centre of seat. Clearance to the underside of the sink is approx. 680mm with a top height of 840mm. There is 210mm clear foot space at the base of the vanity unit. The base of the mirror is 1030mm from the floor.

Facility Features